Vodka Worms

16 May, 2011 § 2 Comments

As an avid drinker and a fan of all candies of the “gummy” variety, I decided to perform a fun indoor experiment and soak some gummy worms in vodka for a week. Jell-O shots in the shape of worms, in other words. I took a small Tupperware container, placed three gummy worms inside, and filled it halfway with vodka. Then I closed the container and let it sit in my refrigerator for a week.

After the first day I could already note the change in size of the worms in that they were slightly larger than usual. Another couple days into the experiment and I could see that they were becoming a little less opaque. Around day four or five I opened the container and touched the worms: they were very rubbery and hard to grasp, and had nearly doubled in size. By day seven, “Tasting Day,” the worms had at least doubled in size as they had absorbed about half of the vodka that had been in the Tupperware container originally. While they had originally been completely submerged in the alcohol, the worms were now slightly above the vodka line.

I removed the worms from the Tupperware, arranged them on a plate between two “normal” worms (gummies that had not been trapped in a sealed container full of vodka for seven days) and poured the remaining liquid from the container into a couple shot glasses. The vodka had taken on a very pale orange color and smelled really sweet. The worms were incredibly rubbery and slipped out of my hands several times just while I was trying to move them from the Tupperware to the plate.

It was time to chow down. Holly and I each ate one of the regular gummies, then I took two of the vodka worms since she could only choke down one. And yes, we had to choke them down. These were some of the most vile-tasting things we’d ever eaten. All of the sugar and sweetness in the worms had been replaced with straight alcohol. They tasted like rubbing alcohol and nothing more. The consistency was like oysters – they were very delicate and broke (or just slipped back onto the plate) if we weren’t careful while handling them. It’s a good thing we ate the regular worms after the vodka-soaked ones, so we could add a little bit of flavor to our palates after torturing ourselves with the alcohol-soaked slugs.

The shots, on the other hand, were incredible. It was just gummy-infused vodka; nothing more. That’s where all the sugar and flavor went when it left the worms. They were very strong, of course, and after eating two alcohol worms and shooting the gummy vodka I was ever so slightly tipsy (I’m also a lightweight, which I’m not ashamed of).

If you ever wish to try this at home, do it for the gummy liqueur it produces and not for the worms. In fact, you’re probably best off just throwing the worms away once you’re finished infusing your vodka. Then again, I hate to waste alcohol so if I did it again I’d probably still eat the worms.


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