Drunken Grizzlies

26 June, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know, I know, this is old news. I did Vodka Worms a while back and this was pretty much exactly the same thing. Except this time, the gummies are grizzlies! Not just bears, but grizzly bears. Plus, I have more pictures this time.

Day ‘Zero’: Sunday, June 19th. Holly sent me a text message about how much she wanted Twizzlers. I just so happened to need some gas in my tank so on my way home from work I stopped at a 7-11. I went inside and got her Twizzlers, then saw a bag of 7-11-brand ” Sour Grizzlies.” Recognizing a deal too good to pass up, I snatched up the grizzlies along with Holly’s Twizzlers, and dashed home. Once home, I grabbed a cheap Tupperware bowl and some cheap vodka to go along with my cheap 7-11-brand gummy grizzlies. I dropped three of the grizzlies into the Tupperware (one of each color combination – orange/red, green/yellow, and white/red) and then poured the vodka in, drowning the bears and leaving about half a centimeter of liquor above them.

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7 June, 2011 § 3 Comments

I hate wasps.

I’m not talking about WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), though they sure annoy the hell out of me too, but wasps – the spindly, black-and-yellow, six-legged, winged harbingers of misery and impending doom.

Yeah, one of those.

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6 June, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s a new driving range in town, and it’s called TopGolf. There are a few locations already, but the TopGolf in Allen just opened a couple weeks ago and like all new things in town, I have to wait a couple weeks before checking them out for myself because I’m not a fan of crowds.

What is TopGolf? Well, like I already said it’s a driving range. But it’s more than that! I would say it’s kind of a combination of golf, bowling, and darts. You stand at one end of the field like you do at any driving range, but instead of just going for distance you actually have to aim. Out in the field are multiple targets – three small targets close up, and six larger targets on alternating sides of the field, further down for the remainder of the 250-yard driving range. Finally at the very back of the range is a net which you can hit and just as with the targets, the closer you are to the center, the more points you score.

I went with Mike last Tuesday, who ’til recently I worked with (he transferred to a different location just before we went to TopGolf). Mike, unlike I, had golfed previously. He golfed often, in fact. I had been to a driving range once, perhaps a decade earlier, and putting courses many times throughout the years. So Mike, unlike I, did pretty well. There are three tiers at TopGolf; we were on the second, placed in a bay about dead-center of the driving area – an ideal position for some golf, if you ask me.

There was beer, cigars, food, golf, and Lady Gaga playing on the speakers. Manliest day of my life.

Beer + Cigar in the sun
Mike, taking a swing

My longest shot was about 180 yards, when I managed to hit the white target all the way at the back. Despite scoring 18 points for that hit alone, my best game (out of five) was worth 44 points; Mike’s was worth 104. Long story short: I’m not very good at hitting a ball with a club. More to the point, I’m not very good at aiming it.

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