Drunken Grizzlies

26 June, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know, I know, this is old news. I did Vodka Worms a while back and this was pretty much exactly the same thing. Except this time, the gummies are grizzlies! Not just bears, but grizzly bears. Plus, I have more pictures this time.

Day ‘Zero’: Sunday, June 19th. Holly sent me a text message about how much she wanted Twizzlers. I just so happened to need some gas in my tank so on my way home from work I stopped at a 7-11. I went inside and got her Twizzlers, then saw a bag of 7-11-brand ” Sour Grizzlies.” Recognizing a deal too good to pass up, I snatched up the grizzlies along with Holly’s Twizzlers, and dashed home. Once home, I grabbed a cheap Tupperware bowl and some cheap vodka to go along with my cheap 7-11-brand gummy grizzlies. I dropped three of the grizzlies into the Tupperware (one of each color combination – orange/red, green/yellow, and white/red) and then poured the vodka in, drowning the bears and leaving about half a centimeter of liquor above them.

Day Two: Tuesday, June 21st. So I didn’t keep up with the gummies every day. So sue me. By the third day, they had lost all of their sour sugar coating. They’ve also become slightly buoyant – I didn’t push little orange/red up there on my own, after all.

Day Six: Saturday, June 25th. The gummies have at least doubled in size by now. In fact, do you remember that half-centimeter of vodka I left above them? Yeah, that’s gone now. It’s tough to see in the photograph but their little gummy noses and feet are sticking out above the vodka line.

Day Seven: Sunday, June 26th. It’s time to eat the grizzlies! They’ve more than doubled in size after only a week in the vodka, and they’ve become significantly more transparent than they started out as. Somehow the third grizzly – green/yellow – managed to flip over. I wish I’d been paying attention and noticed when that happened. Grasping a grizzly is about as difficult as holding on to a raw oyster. As a matter of fact, the best way to eat the grizzlies is as you would an oyster: just suck it up and swallow – don’t bother chewing. If you read my previous post about doing this with gummy worms, then you already know the result is disgusting. That is, as far as the gummy is concerned. It tasted like rubberized rubbing alcohol. Not my cup of tea. Or vodka. But that takes us to the vodka: after having been infused with sour gummies for a week, the vodka was actually quite delightful. It amounted to about three shots in all, which Holly and I knocked back after eating the gummies. In the last picture you’ll notice that while I’ve already eaten both of my gummies, Holly’s still working on hers. While I find it easier to just suck it down and swallow, she had to break hers into pieces.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please do try this at home (just so long as you’re of the legal drinking age). Let me know how yours turn out!


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